Inbu Impex and its group company Shiv Export are located in the heart of city of Karur, Tamilnadu, India. The main town in Karur District is the city of Karur, which is also the district headquarters. The city of Karur offers world class facilities in the field of Home Textiles (Bed linens, kitchen linens, toilet linens, table linens and wall hangings), Paper (TNPL, promoted by Government of India), Cement (Chettinad cements & TNPL Cements), Sugar (EID Parry unit at Pugalur), Knitted Garments, mosquito nets, and Bus body building. The town generates around 6000 crores in foreign exchange through direct and indirect exports. This is achieved by Ideal climatic conditions, skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, agricultural base and availability of textile mills in and around for sourcing of high quality products and above all the experience of having catered to the requirements of leading customers all over the world.

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Business of the Company

Inbu Impex is in the business of Exporting commodities and merchandise from India. Our prime focus is on Home textiles, Knitted Ready-made Garments, Pooja items, Organic Fertilizer, Coconut Products and Vegetables. State of art production facilities and merchandise are the key factors which makes Inbu Impex the preferred supplier for the customers across the world. Inbu Impex firmly believes in competitive pricing; prompt delivery and meeting the desired quality through proper system in place which are the crucial parameters to win the customers.

At Inbu Impex we produce and sell quality products that can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We have a very good team of professionals who create the right and high quality products that the customer requires and deliver it at the right time, supported by a good communication and technological system. Above all we are always close to the market and keep ourselves updated with right product and High-street fashion.

We at INBU IMPEX strive continuously to gain customer confidence and thereby achieve great success in our business with our VISION & MISSION supported with wide portfolio of Product and Service offerings. We always keep the customer’s needs at the core of every decision, from strategy formulation and design through to execution. Our customer centric approach message key is “Delivering on the Customer promise” which is based upon 5 key strategic enablers-Understanding your customer, Pull down the walls (connected government), Empowering your Institution (Build capacity), Realise benefits (Deliver the promise) and Continuously Improve (Innovate). As Mahatma Gandhi remarked “Our objective also is to keep the customers upfront in the market, as they are our KING, who always look for VALUE FOR MONEY”.

We firmly believe in ethical business strategies and to build on TRUST with our business partners, suppliers & customers.

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The vision of Inbu Impex is to maintain the highest standards of ethics and fair business practices to achieve the overall objective of being a global player through the relentless pursuit of perfection.


Inbu Impex will strive to achieve and sustain itself to be significant and trustworthy business, sourcing & marketing contributor of products and will equip the customer with timely product needs through cost effective & Quality products backed by strong foundation of continuous support, thus enhancing operational efficiencies and promoting holistic long term relationship by streamlining with the customer’s objectives.

Why Us

We at Inbu Impex accelerates customers’ performance by understanding business needs and delivering precise quality & quantity at the time assured.

  • Inbu Impex strategize itself to provide global customer service level with its fierce commitment, unrivaled speed in process, and timely solutions.
  • We believe strongly in long term relationship with customers, whereby strive to reach new heights together.
  • We will continuously instill confidence in customer and work in close relationship with customers.
  • We are a customer oriented company and take all efforts to exceed the customer expectations and fulfill their requirements.


The company is currently managed by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Karthikeyan, MBA (Marketing Research & Advertising) who possess abundant experience in this field with a high visionary and has a customer centric approach to the business. The day to day affairs of the company are being managed by Mrs. T.Parkavi assisted by Mr. K.Karthikeyan.


Quality Assurance

We ensure Quality by strictly observing the following parameters

  • Provide correct and clear information on time to relevant departments
  • Ensure Fabric Quality
  • On time sealer sample availability
  • Timely preparation of budget for fabric and trims
  • Make sure to get the sources of accessories and fabrics at as early as sampling stage of the style
  • Ensure timely trims arrival
  • Ensure right first time submissions to buyer to save time and reputation
  • Ensure timely approvals from buyers
  • Identify possible problems in the style and the ways to avoid them
  • Discuss the style, its target with production team
  • Conduct/be present for In-line inspection to anticipate defects and avoidance of the same in future

Our Professional Network & Facilities

We are able to deliver high quality export products with reasonable competitive pricing by means of our strategic policy on sourcing raw materials from original destinations through our own resident representatives and upfront buyouts for maintaining our competitive edge with strong network of our regional producers and our dedicated endeavors. We have a vast network on procurement as well as delivery side of our business process, which ensures continued presence in markets.

Further we are equipped with spacious warehousing facilities which permit us to store large stocks and hence fulfill all types of export demands. As a result, customers representing overseas countries are able to source our diversified export products within the agreed time period. We also regularly update ourselves with the latest technologies and enhance our skills. Hence we have a truly satisfying long-term business relationship with our overseas buyers and they too relish the value of our relations.

customer satisfaction

Our Role in Customer Satisfaction

  • Track customer satisfaction level on regular basis through structured formats
  • Identify the gaps in customer satisfaction by analyzing the customer complaints or routine communication
  • Customer feedback in the Final inspection report by the customer
  • Acquire knowledge on the problem solving techniques
  • Identify factors that will delight our customers.
  • Open to all kinds of feedback and improvements


  • Ethical : We are ethical in all our business dealings and transparent in our approach.
  • Simplicity : We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the greatest ideas are always the simplest.
  • Creativity : We love connecting things and our creativity while transforming space is contagious. Connecting the brand and the client through export is just obvious to us.
  • Innovative : Innovation is the cornerstone of Inbu Impexs’ success. Original, inventive and resourceful, our innovations are realised through the customer feeling, more valued and measured by our client’s successes.
  • Professionalism : We believe in pushing beyond our personal best within every project and maintaining an expert and specialized knowledge in our field.



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